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Priority Backgrounds LLC was created in 2005 to serve employers with their pre-employment screening needs. The company developed VPS Alert, which is a web based product that allows employers or government agencies to monitor criminal activity on selected individuals in North Carolina. In May of 2006 it was decided that Priority Backgrounds would DBA as Vantage Point Services.

The VPS Alert product is well suited for industry engaged in transportation, healthcare, education, or any industry with high employee liability. Government agencies such as military installations, civilian contractors, law enforcement, and port authorities who need to monitor criminal activity or track certain individuals would also benefit from our service.

VPS Alert is quick, easy and effective, allowing employers or law enforcement personnel to track subjects from any computer with Internet access, in the office or in the field. Notification of a subject's arrest or case changes are sent by email the day after the data is entered by the court clerk , ensuring timely monitoring of critical events.


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Thank you for your interest in our services. I am confident that you will not only find our offerings unique and affordable, but that we also offer the best customer service in the business!


Lee Lloyd
CEO - Vantage Point Services


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