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VPS Alert

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VPS Alert sends you email notification when an employee is charged with a criminal offense in North Carolina. This information empowers you to make the smart decisions needed to protect your business.

Post-hire criminal activity is a real threat to your business. Statistics show that 7% of employees have committed a violent or drug-related crime after hire. Failure to be informed of such crimes could lead to negligent supervision/retention lawsuit against your business. Your organization could face up to $1.5 million in punitive damages, a tarnished reputation, and the loss of clientele.

Let us help. Vantage Point Services is committed to keeping watch over your business. >> learn more about VP

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VPS Alert: Gives you the best view of your employees' activity:
Choose your alerts: Be notified of all NC criminal charges or only the ones you deem relevant (moving violations, fraud, violent crimes, etc.)
Know first: VPS alerts you quickly, the day after data is entered into the NC court system.
Track the cases: You can track charges as they proceed through the court system. Be alerted to any new changes on a case.
Keep your company safe and secure: Access to the latest court records helps you ensure a safe workplace

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